We find decay and signs of gum disease fast and accurately with the revolutionary Overjet AI

RK Dentistry blends cutting-edge technology with community-centric care. So, Overjet AI is an excellent fit with the other advanced technologies available at our office in Danville, California, to support the most precise, comfortable, convenient, and safe patient experience.

Overjet AI, Explained

Led by Dr. Richard J. Koeltl, our practice is on the leading edge of incorporating this exciting technology into conventional dental services. Founded in 2018 by a group of PhDs and dentists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Overjet AI has already been recognized as among the top 50 companies shaping the future of artificial intelligence.

Their revolutionary, FDA-cleared platform is designed to transform traditional black-and-white x-rays with an extra layer of data that clearly isolates cavities and other forms of tooth decay. The AI technology also shows our team both the areas affected by bone loss as well as the extent of bone loss present in each area. These images can be viewed and analyzed in an instant. Our patients appreciate that they can look at the images with us. This helps them better understand the underlying problem, which aids in informed decision-making.

See What We See

It can be hard to see and understand the images created by traditional x-rays. You really need to know what you’re looking at. Overjet AI’s technology makes problems hard to miss! Areas of concern and their associated measurements are highlighted in different colors. With “typical” x-ray imaging, you simply see different shades of black, white, and gray. Plus, it provides great insights into previous dental work and the condition of restorations like fillings and crowns by spotlighting previous procedures, too!

With and Without Overjet Dental AI

The Power of Early Detection

As your dental care partners, we strive to catch problems before they cause irreversible damage that affects the health and function of the teeth, gums, and the “rest of you.” Overjet’s AI has the capacity to pinpoint problems like cavities early into the decay process when they are small and may still be resolved with conservative measures such as hygiene modifications and simple fillings. We can also use information about the loss of bone in the jaw to intervene with this common sign of periodontal (gum) disease before it leads to tooth loss! Metrics about the level of bony tissue that supports each tooth are listed right on the x-rays. Along with your dental exam, these measurements provide essential insights into the health of the gums that provide a strong foundation for your teeth.

Our Decision Support Tool

Our ultimate goal is to provide valued patients from across the Danville, California, area with the best treatment options to restore or maintain their healthiest, most attractive smiles. We view Overjet AI as an important ally in providing an accurate, “big picture” diagnosis that lends itself to effective and prompt treatment. It’s like we have a “second opinion” in-house – you do not need to go anywhere else! Plus, seeing is believing. We ensure your confidence in our diagnostics and treatment recommendations by providing comprehensive and easy-to-interpret imaging information.

RK Dentistry looks forward to reviewing your findings and working with you to address your specific needs and achieve your unique goals. Call 925-732-5516 to schedule an appointment today.