We find decay and signs of gum disease fast and accurately with the revolutionary Overjet AI

RK Dentistry blends cutting-edge technology with community-centric care. So, Overjet AI is an excellent fit with the other advanced technologies available at our office in Danville, California, to support the most precise, comfortable, convenient, and safe patient experience.

Overjet AI, Explained

Led by Dr. Richard J. Koeltl, our practice is on the leading edge of incorporating this exciting technology into conventional dental services. Founded in 2018 by a group of PhDs and dentists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Overjet AI has already been recognized as among the top 50 companies shaping the future of artificial intelligence.

Their revolutionary, FDA-cleared platform is designed to transform traditional black-and-white x-rays with an extra layer of data that clearly isolates cavities and other forms of tooth decay. The AI technology also shows our team both the areas affected by bone loss as well as the extent of bone loss present in each area. These images can be viewed and analyzed in an instant. Our patients appreciate that they can look at the images with us. This helps them better understand the underlying problem, which aids in informed decision-making.

See What We See

It can be hard to see and understand the images created by traditional x-rays. You really need to know what you’re looking at. Overjet AI’s technology makes problems hard to miss! Areas of concern and their associated measurements are highlighted in different colors. With “typical” x-ray imaging, you simply see different shades of black, white, and gray. Plus, it provides great insights into previous dental work and the condition of restorations like fillings and crowns by spotlighting previous procedures, too!

With and Without Overjet Dental AI

The Power of Early Detection

As your dental care partners, we strive to catch problems before they cause irreversible damage that affects the health and function of the teeth, gums, and the “rest of you.” Overjet’s AI has the capacity to pinpoint problems like cavities early into the decay process when they are small and may still be resolved with conservative measures such as hygiene modifications and simple fillings. We can also use information about the loss of bone in the jaw to intervene with this common sign of periodontal (gum) disease before it leads to tooth loss! Metrics about the level of bony tissue that supports each tooth are listed right on the x-rays. Along with your dental exam, these measurements provide essential insights into the health of the gums that provide a strong foundation for your teeth.

Our Decision Support Tool

Our ultimate goal is to provide valued patients from across the Danville, California, area with the best treatment options to restore or maintain their healthiest, most attractive smiles. We view Overjet AI as an important ally in providing an accurate, “big picture” diagnosis that lends itself to effective and prompt treatment. It’s like we have a “second opinion” in-house – you do not need to go anywhere else! Plus, seeing is believing. We ensure your confidence in our diagnostics and treatment recommendations by providing comprehensive and easy-to-interpret imaging information.

RK Dentistry looks forward to reviewing your findings and working with you to address your specific needs and achieve your unique goals. Call 925-732-5516 to schedule an appointment today.

What is Overjet AI?

Founded by MIT and Harvard School of Dentistry researchers, Overjet is a pioneer and leader in Artificial Intelligence for dental practices. This FDA-cleared clinical intelligence platform is designed to elevate our team’s ability to accurately and quickly identify problems such as decay (cavities) early. It isolates areas of plaque or calculus build-up, decay that has penetrated the tooth structure or dentin layer, as well as bone loss. So, it helps us confirm the presence of and precisely “stage” gum disease.

The more information we have about your teeth and gums, the better. A solid understanding of the underlying problem helps to inform our treatment recommendations. Patients have peace of mind that these interventions will effectively treat the condition at its source to provide lasting symptom relief and health.

Our patients are also well-informed about their options for treatment. Overjet AI clearly isolates trouble spots in different colors. We can pull up the scans or images of their mouth on a monitor. Then, we guide the patient through what all of these different colors and other quantifiable information mean – to them, their health, and the “next steps” in the process of treating early-stage enamel erosion, gingival (gum) inflammation, and more extensive decay or cavities and gum disease. Periodontitis, or advanced gum disease, is characterized by the breakdown of the supportive attachments/tissues and the loss of bone in the jaw.

Patients better understand what is going on in their mouths, which further aids in their understanding of how recommended treatments can address problems. These conditions ultimately detract from the appearance, comfort, and health of the teeth and the gums that surround, protect, and support them. Effective treatments, in turn, have a transformative effect on their smiles and overall well-being.

How is Overjet AI different from earlier-generation approaches to detecting oral disease?

The traditional approach to X-rays or radiography renders images of the teeth, gums, oral cavity, and jaws. These images are generally in different shades of black, white, and gray. It takes a skilled clinician to know what to look for and properly assess the nature and extent of the damage that may be illustrated in these images. So, it can be doubly challenging for patients to interpret images that do not clearly isolate areas of decay or bone resorption.

The Overjet AI software and platform make it easy for us to educate, communicate, and empower patients with good and trusted information about the health of their mouths. Black and white images of the teeth are overlaid with an array of distinctive colors, as well as numerical information. The numerical information is also clearly color-coded and shows dentists, staff, and patients alike the extent of bone loss. Different colors and shapes present on or around the tooth also correspond with different indicators of disease; notably, areas of calculus or built-up bacteria that have hardened are isolated within yellow or orange boxes. This bacteria sits underneath the gums.

The numerical measurements are also clearly distinguished as yellow and red lines. These measurements show the level of bone loss in millimeters and are present in conjunction with the areas of built-up calculus. Red overlays are indicative of areas of decay. The use of the color red is no accident. Think of it as “setting off alarm bells” about a trouble area by offsetting spots in which the bacteria and calculus have penetrated the tooth’s dentin layer. The longer the yellow/orange areas of calculus build-up are allowed to sit, the greater the devastation that can occur to the tooth. These destructive substances eat away at the bone.

The numbers and accompanying lines will grow larger and longer due to the progression of bone loss. Also, as the tooth loses its foundation or support, it will become weaker. If there is nothing for the tooth to hold onto, it may need to be extracted. With early, trusted detection and analysis, we support the proactive interventions that help minimize or avoid the loss of bone and the need for aggressive restorative care, such as removing an irreparably damaged tooth.

How Does Overjet AI Work?

Much of the “magic” of AI-powered solutions occurs behind the scenes. This is not to say we lack transparency. Quite the opposite is true. This feature of Overjet AI merely supports the idea that the process should be as easy and hassle-free for the patient as possible.

You go about your appointment and day without any headaches or stress because our team has already invested in an array of sophisticated, complementary technologies. These cutting-edge diagnostics include digital X-rays as an alternative to “conventional” film-based radiographs. This option uses special sensors to collect many clear and quality images of your teeth, as well as the supportive tissues and structures of the mouth, face, and jaws. It does so with minimal radiation exposure. So, it is a safe process.

Additionally, we can gather numerous images at varied angles quickly, which further helps to enhance the patient experience and comfort. Other diagnostic tools, like intraoral camera technology, also present a non-invasive and painless way to collect the information we need to make an accurate diagnosis and well-informed treatment recommendations. All technologies available at our office have been carefully selected. These investments support and complement our focus on comfortable and precision diagnostic and therapeutic dentistry.

The Overjet software takes the information we collect and transforms the black-and-white images with the additional, colorful, and precise details mentioned above. We can then use this additional detail — in the form of shapes, colors, and numbers that isolate specific trouble areas and the extent of damage to these areas — for purposes of analyzing the condition at hand. Know that these details and approaches to analyzing your mouth are based on considerable research; according to the pioneering firm behind it all, the technology is built on a foundation of millions of patient X-rays. Similarly, it uses sophisticated machine learning models trained on this substantive volume of actual cases. Overjet reports that its analyses are so accurate that dental insurance companies use the results from their AI for instant claim approvals.

To add to your convenience and comfort, Overjet completes its real-time AI processing and detection in just five minutes. You see your results right away, meaning less time at the dentist’s office and more time focused on healing and getting back to the rest of your day or the activities you enjoy and want to be doing instead!

Is Overjet AI right for me?

Patients across a wide range of ages and with varying health statuses and risk factors for oral disease can benefit from RK Dentistry’s enhanced diagnostic tools. As noted by Overjet, its system is the only AI technology cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to detect and outline plaque build-up and tooth decay on X-rays among patients aged 12-plus. It is also indicated as the only FDA-cleared and AI-powered platform to assess for bone loss and bone ratio among individuals aged 22 and older and related to those images that contain adult teeth.

In addition to isolating and measuring areas of calculus formation, decay, and bone loss, many patients have benefited from Overjet AI’s information about periapical radiolucencies. These anomalies are darkened circles or ovals that may be seen on X-ray images or radiographs. The radiolucency represents a hole in the jawbone associated with inflammation of the tip or end of the tooth’s root. This inflammation may be rooted in bacterial infections, dental decay, or failures from previous root canal or endodontic therapies. It can indicate the need for an initial or further root canal or endodontic treatment, depending on the nature and extent of what is isolated by our team in conjunction with Overjet AI.

As referenced, this system is not just appropriate for unaltered natural teeth and tissues; we can also use it to properly and clearly visualize areas of concern associated with dental restorations. We can clearly see areas where previous dental work has been done. These include cavities that have been repaired in the past with fillings, crowns that are applied to “fix” more extensive damage caused by decay or fractures, and root canal therapy to “save” badly damaged teeth that might otherwise be extracted or removed.

It is essential to monitor existing dental work. With the passage of time and other changes, dental restorations may become worn or damaged. This can threaten the health and structural integrity of the treated or restored tooth. So, these examples of Overjet AI’s applications present yet another way that we stay ahead of problems to sustain oral health.

I’ve received two different opinions about my tooth. How can Overjet AI help me?

We appreciate your frustration! It can be hard trying to get “mixed messages” from two different dentists or dental offices. Your second opinion may differ vastly from the initial opinion provided by your dentist. This can leave you extremely confused and troubled, especially about what “next steps” to take in treatment. You may even begin to wonder if you need treatment at all. With Overjet AI by our side, the talented and knowledgeable dentists and staff at RK Dentistry can diagnose the nature of your concerns or underlying problem as relevant with confidence. We stand by our diagnoses due partly to Overjet’s considerable “proving ground.”

Overjet AI stands apart from other technologies and emerging Artificial Intelligence applications with its status as the only product approved by the FDA to outline the specific size and exact location of various types of lesions and anomalies in real time. It has also arrived at these real-time indicators via years of rigorous research and development. As Overjet puts it, they offer providers like us a platform equivalent to a “thousand lifetimes of experience in a matter of seconds.” The machine learning models leveraged by this system have been tested on millions of actual cases, actual patients just like you. This provides considerable breadcrumbs that may be used to piece together what is going on in your mouth.

Rest assured, with the assistance of Overjet AI, our skilled and highly capable team is on the “same page,” and we are able to maintain consistently high standards of care. This eliminates any conflicting messages. Our patients have peace of mind that we are not “drilling, filling, and billing” and that any treatment recommendations are genuine and truly made with their best interests and personal preferences at heart. You never have to worry that we are needlessly recommending fillings, and we can confirm if another dentist’s recommendation of a filling or another dental restoration is necessary.

Likewise, we’ll tell you if a more conservative therapy intervention is more appropriate. We always recommend the tissue-preserving and less extensive option as long as that therapy effectively resolves symptoms by treating the root problem.

Will you use Overjet AI at every visit?

Great question! While every patient’s experience and long-term care plan is different, we generally advise that you visit us at least once every six months. During these visits, we use diagnostics like digital X-rays, intraoral cameras, and Overjet AI to evaluate the state and condition of your mouth. Our hygienists will also perform a thorough professional teeth cleaning. The cleaning and an exam by our dentist are “standard” at every check-up; however, X-rays are largely not taken at each and every check-up. X-rays are ordered at varying intervals, depending on factors such as the patient’s age and risk factors for cavities or gum disease.

If you say “Ah!” and Dr. Koeltl looks in your mouth and finds an area of concern, he may order the appropriate tests to rule out other conditions and take a closer look at a small structure, spot, or tissue. Even the most experienced and talented clinicians are limited in their ability to see very tiny areas or potential “hidden” areas of decay. The human eye can only visualize so much. This is where our digital X-rays, complemented by AI software, come into play. They see what our eyes cannot see.

Additionally, Overjet AI plays an influential role in effectively monitoring the health of your mouth to grasp how well things like recommended interventions or therapies are working to treat the disease. In fact, this highly intuitive system reviews the past 12 months of radiographs for each patient. Current findings are then cross-referenced with information in our secure practice management system. From there, Overjet offers valuable recommendations for immediate further steps. Think of it as getting a second opinion based on a multitude of objective and quantifiable data instantly!

Altogether, this approach facilitates, supports, and sustains:

– Precise diagnostics, each and every time, on an ongoing basis
– Heightened “acceptance” of treatments because patients trust our knowledge and data
– Better patient compliance with treatments
– Better outcomes due to favorable compliance and recommendations that are effective at treating conditions
– Streamlined appointments because we can better predict and anticipate your needs
– Timely prevention of disease
– Proactive and personalized care
– Trusted decision support
– Best-in-class analyses
– Easy-to-read (and communicate) presentation
– Validation and documentation of periodontal therapy, fillings, and other interventions for insurance purposes
– Exact and accurate measurements of a broader range of anomalies

Great! How can I “sign up”?

Are you concerned about lingering tooth pain? Does a recommendation from your dentist or another office not “sit right” with you? Has it been a while since you’ve seen the dentist and are now overdue for a check-up? These and many other reasons can be a great impetus to visit your friends at RK Dentistry and to benefit from our array of advanced diagnostic technologies. We strive to stay ahead of AI and other tools revolutionizing dentistry for the better. We see these technologies and diagnostic services as tremendous “helpers” and as essential to delivering targeted, personalized therapies and lifestyle or hygiene recommendations that actually work.

If you are bothered by an aching tooth … we can use X-rays overlaid by Overjet AI analysis to confirm or rule out the presence of calculus, decay, or deep damage inside the tooth. As relevant, we can assess the severity of the decayed or damaged areas. You have peace of mind that a recommended filling or another suggested service or therapy is just what your tooth needs to relieve the pain once and for all by treating it at its source.

If a dentist says you need a cavity treatment … we can confirm that this step is the most conservative and appropriate option. Or, we may find that the damage is minimal, and restorative treatment may not be necessary. We may advise on products or techniques to better clean teeth and gums or professional preventative services to remineralize the teeth.

If it’s been over six months since your last check-up … you are overdue! Even if your teeth look fine and your mouth feels OK, underlying oral problems may be lurking. Often, these conditions produce little to no symptoms at their earliest stages. By the time you notice changes like tenderness or bleeding, damage may have occurred that requires aggressive treatment to preserve or restore the teeth and tissues. It is always best to catch cavities when they are small or to detect and address gum disease before soft and hard tissues have eroded due to untreated, advanced disease. This proactive approach promotes the least invasive and the most comfortable, affordable, and efficient dental experience.

Call 925-732-5516 to schedule your appointment at the office of RK Dentistry in Danville, CA, without delay. With Overjet AI on our side, problems are hard to miss, and treatments have never been more personalized and precise.