If you are looking to improve your smile, our dentist may recommend dental veneers depending on your level of needed treatment. Dr. Richard Koeltl can match the veneers to your natural tooth color so that you will not be able to tell the difference between your veneers and your natural teeth. If you would like to receive dental veneers in Danville, California, call us at 925-732-5516 to schedule a consultation.

Dental veneers are thin shells made of resin or porcelain that are bonded to the front of your teeth. They are used to enhance the appearance of your smile and address a number of imperfections by:

  • Whitening teeth that are discolored or stained
  • Correcting slightly crooked teeth
  • Restoring broken, chipped, fractured or worn teeth
  • Closing large gaps between your teeth

While resin veneers can be matched to your tooth color, porcelain is also an excellent choice because it is stain resistant and its translucency gives off the natural appearance of tooth enamel. Your smile will remain dazzling for years and will be completely natural-looking.

At your first visit to RK Dentistry, our dentist will take an impression of your teeth and use the molds to customize your veneers. At your second visit, they will bond these veneers to your teeth using a dental cement and make any adjustments you need. You may feel slight discomfort from the procedure, which you can remedy with over-the-counter pain medication as directed. Call our office today to schedule a consultation if this treatment is one you would like to receive.