Why are dental cleanings and examinations important? 

At RK Dentistry of Danville, California, Dr. Richard J. Koeltl and his team are dedicated to providing preventative dentistry solutions, including dental cleanings and examinations. These visits are encouraged at least every six months.

What happens during a deep cleaning of the teeth at the dental office?

During a deep cleaning of the teeth at the dental office, the dental hygienist will use special tools and techniques to remove tartar and plaque that have accumulated on the tooth surfaces over time. The areas of the mouth typically cleaned during a deep cleaning are around the gum tissue and between teeth, where it can be difficult to remove plaque using traditional brushing and flossing techniques alone. A deep cleaning may involve scaling, in which tartar is scraped away from tooth surfaces with specially designed instruments, or root planing, in which rough spots on roots are smoothed out so bacteria cannot accumulate. Depending on your oral health condition, you may need both deep cleaning and root planing treatments.

After our team has cleaned your teeth, your dentist may recommend additional treatments to help prevent the accumulation of plaque and tartar in the future. These may include daily flossing, regular professional cleanings at the dental office, or using mouthwash or other oral rinses designed to reduce bacterial growth inside the mouth.

During the dental examination, Dr. Richard J. Koeltl and his team in Danville, California, can speak to you about any dental concerns he may notice or which may have been relayed to him from the dental hygienist who completed the plaque and tartar removal. If any dental concerns are noticed, such as red, swollen gums that indicate the presence of periodontal disease, or signs of early cavities, these will be discussed with you openly so you understand what problems are present and what treatment options are available to resolve them.

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