A Boil and Bite Snore Guard Can Help Reduce Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

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Sleep apnea is a chronic condition where the soft palate and other soft oral tissues tend to slip toward the back of the mouth during sleep. This often causes snoring and can also increase your chances of experiencing breathing interruption.

In the short term, untreated sleep apnea can be a nuisance to your spouse, and can also lead to poor quality of sleep. In the long term, the breathing interruption and general stress to your system can promote problems with high blood pressure, which can also increase your chances of suffering from heart disease and stroke.

There are different treatment strategies that can be used to mitigate sleep apnea symptoms. The one that is right for you will vary depending on the severity of your sleep apnea as well as your personal preference. So, it’s wise to have your sleep apnea professionally diagnosed by a physician.

If you have severe sleep apnea or other associated complications, you might need to sleep with a positive air pressure device. However, if you have mild to moderate sleep apnea you might be able to find symptom relief by having Dr. Richard Koeltl provide you with a snore guard at his orthodontic clinic.

Some people prefer a boil and bite snore guard for their custom fit and comfort. This style of snore guard is made from a special material that softens when heated in water. While it’s still pliable, you place it in your mouth and bite down hard. This will cause it to conform to the unique shape of your dentition.

When worn in your mouth, it will help you comfortably sleep with clear breathing all night long.

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