Toothache Cures “Back in the Day”

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If you have a toothache, you aren’t alone. People have been getting toothaches since the dawn of teeth. And that has been a while.

If your physician in ancient times thought you had a tooth worm causing your pain, he might try to remove it. The problem was, no one really knew what a tooth worm looked like and it is possible that some dentists may have mistaken the tooth’s nerve for a tooth worm, and extracted it. Without anesthetic, that would have made for a long day in the chair! In ancient Greece, your physician might have advised you to find a frog in the moonlight, and ask it to take your toothache away. Over the centuries, people have tried chewing on hot peppers. Sometimes, herbs or plants would be burned and the fumes were supposed to solve the problem. In the Middle Ages, kissing a donkey was thought to cure a toothache. That was better than the ancient Egyptians who thought that holding a dead mouse to the tooth would make the pain go away! In Scotland, people tried wrapping a caterpillar in red cloth and placing it under the painful tooth.

Fortunately, our dentist, Dr. Richard J. Koeltl won’t use any of those techniques for your aching tooth! In fact, we will make sure that we find and fix the issue causing your toothache, and provide you with a filling, crown, inlay or onlay to get it looking and feeling great again! If you live in the Danville, California, area and are having trouble with a tooth, don’t waste your time looking for tooth worms or kissing donkeys. Instead, call 925-736-4201 to make an appointment at RK Dentistry.