The Things Flossing Can Actually Do for Your Smile

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As we’re sure you’ve been told, flossing is vital for your oral health. In fact, it’s so important that you should floss your teeth at least once a day. But why? Well, our RK Dentistry dental team will be more than happy to tell you why. Flossing can:

Remove plaque: Plaque is the dangerous substance that can create tooth decay and gum disease. It’s a white, sticky substance that is usually unnoticeable. Unfortunately, it can crawl between your teeth and live there. So, flossing is your only option for removing the plaque and saving your smile.

Promote good breath: There are times when odorous food particles can get stuck in the crevices of your smile. When this happens, the food particles release a stench that can cause bad breath. This is when flossing can be beneficial. When you floss, the odorous food particles can be removed, which can give you a fresher and more pristine breath.

Provide a clean smile: No one likes a food-filled smile. However, there are times when food particles get stuck in the crevices of your teeth whether you try to avoid it or not. To prevent any embarrassing moments, you can floss your teeth after each meal and snack to remove the particles that might give you an unattractive smile.

This is why it’s best to floss your smile at least once a day. If you do, there is a chance you can remove the plaque from between your teeth, promote good breath, and provide a clean and attractive smile. To learn more about flossing in Danville, California, please don’t hesitate to give our office a call at 925-736-4201. The sooner you call us, the sooner Dr. Richard J. Koeltl and our dental team will be more than happy to help you!