Dentures Can Be an Effective Method for Replacing Your Missing Teeth

When your mouth is compromised by severe periodontal disease the roots of your teeth can gradually weaken their connection with the underlying bone structure. In time, it could even deplete the living bone tissues leaving you with increasingly weakened teeth. As teeth are lost it can immediately hamper your overall oral function, alter your appearance, and have a negative impact... read more »

Your New Crown Needs to Play an Important Role in Your Daily Oral Hygiene Routine

The dental crown restoration provided at RK Dentistry is designed to replace your damaged, decayed or cosmetically unappealing tooth with an alternative material. While the crown itself is immune to the bacterial threat of tooth decay, its longevity can still be threatened by other oral hygiene issues. Complications from untreated periodontal disease can still pose a threat to the long-term... read more »