Fluoridated Water and Why it’s Beneficial

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is good for your teeth because it strengthens the protective enamel and prevents tooth decay. Fluoride dental care products are available, like toothpaste and mouthwash, but did you know that fluoride is also present in water. Many community water systems are fluoridated in order the give the already naturally occurring fluoride the extra... read more »

Keep Tooth Enamel by Keeping it Safe

Believe it or not, the toughest substance in your body is the tooth enamel that covers your teeth. It functions to protect your teeth from harmful substances such as bacteria, plaque, tartar and acids that can cause damage to the teeth. Tooth enamel also shields the inner tooth structure from heat and cold so that you can eat and drink... read more »

Are You at Higher Risk for Oral Cancer?

At RK Dentistry, we provide oral cancer screening for our patients in Danville, California, as part of your routine dental exam. We provide this service because detecting mouth cancers and lesions which are precancerous have the highest success rate when it comes to treatment. We check for cancers in the following areas: Lips, tongue, and cheek. The hard and soft... read more »

Foods Dangerous to Oral Health

If you’re confused about what to eat for the greatest oral health, don’t be: stick with foods that are low in sugar and soft on your teeth, and you’ll be fine. (And as always, don’t forget to brush and floss your chompers daily!) That said, we understand that many of our patients are worried about the hurtful effects certain foods... read more »

Don’t Neglect Your Smile during Pregnancy

At RK Dentistry in Danville, California, we want our patients to be aware of how their oral health habits impact their pregnancy. You don’t want to neglect your smile during pregnancy, in fact, it is vital to take care of your oral health during pregnancy, not just for your oral health, but also for your developing baby. Poor oral habits... read more »