Protecting Your Mouth with Dental Sealants

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Have you heard about oral sealants? We amassed this post for you to help you learn about dental sealants and what they can do for you. If you would be interested in an appointment to receive dental sealants after reading this post, please phone us at 925-736-4201 to schedule your next appointment.

If you have struggled with tooth erosion and poor oral hygiene, you might want to think about having oral sealants installed to your molars. What are dental sealants? Oral sealants are thin, protective coatings used on your teeth to avoid tooth erosion. They are made of plastic, and they will rest on your chompers and keep bacteria at bay. Sealants have been proven to hamper the risk of tooth decay by about 80%. According to an October 2016 report by the Center for Disease Control, children with oral sealants have about three times as fewer cavities as those without. So if you want to defend your pearly whites, sealants could be the way to go!

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