Monitor These Symptoms of Tooth Sensitivity

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Are you one of the 20 percent or more of Americans hurting every day from tooth sensitivity? There are a couple things you can check to find out; if you are suspicious that your chompers are sensitive, please contact us right away.

You can identify whether you are suffering from tooth sensitivity by logging its major symptoms. If you drink a hot or cold drink and sense only a little bit of sensitivity, you probably just need to brush your pearly whites slightly more regularly; when you notice short, intense discomfort, you could have tooth sensitivity problems. Other signs include pain when brushing or touching the teeth, pain from sugar and pain from air blowing on your teeth.

Without treatment, dentin hypersensitivity can greatly impact a patient’s life. As tooth sensitivity is often a signal of tooth decay, untreated teeth could fall out and cause difficulty eating and speaking for the patient. In some cases, new dentin layers can develop to shield the pulp and roots of the teeth, but if this doesn’t happen, the complications of tooth sensitivity could be grave. We recommend seeking help for dentin hypersensitivity right away.

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