Keep Your Smile in Top-Notch Condition By Avoiding Dental Emergencies While Traveling

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Dental emergencies can be quite scary and extremely inconvenient, especially if they occur while you’re traveling or while you’re on vacation. However, there are things you can do to prevent dental emergencies while you’re away from home. Cool, right? Dr. Richard J. Koeltl and our dental team would be happy to help you prevent the oral emergencies by giving you some tips.

First, it’s best to avoid starting major dental procedures before leaving, like dental crown treatment or root canal therapy. This is because there is a high chance you’ll experience pain throughout your vacation or you might be stuck in the middle stages of the treatment. If there is no way around this, make sure you find a dentist in the area who can help you if necessary.

Second, fix any decayed, worn, or loosened teeth or dental work. If you have a cavity or if your dental restorations are starting to wear down and break, it’s best to treat and correct them before you start your trip. That way you won’t have to find a temporary dentist while you are away from home. In addition, if you get these problems taken care of, they won’t bother you while you’re trying to enjoy yourself.

Third, take good care of your teeth and gums by brushing, flossing, and rinsing regularly. In fact, you need to brush twice a day, floss once a day, and rinse your mouth daily. If you take good care of your smile, you can keep your teeth, gums, and entire oral health in tip-top shape.

If you use these recommendations, there is a good chance you’ll have a whole, strong, healthy, and dependable smile while you travel. Would you like to know more about how to prevent dental emergencies? If so, don’t be afraid to call RK Dentistry at 925-736-4201. Your dentist in Danville, California, and our dental team are happy to help you by giving you the information you’re looking for!