Dentistry Topic Data Blog: Dental Floss

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How would you rank your dental flossing techniques? Have you ever put any consideration into upgrading the floss you use or the products you use to clean between your teeth? Because dental floss and flossing techniques are so important for your oral health care, is it always important to make sure you can do what you can to keep your flossing skills at their best.

Never use dental floss that can easily tear. If you find yourself consistently tearing your floss, switch to an alternative thread such as single filament thread. Once you have the perfect thread, make sure to floss every single day and never use the same strand of thread more than once. Furthermore, never use the same section of thread between more than one tooth as it can spread bacteria. To do this, use a thread strand roughly 18” for each session, and wrap each end of it around a finger on each hand. Move up and down the piece of thread as necessary.

As an alternative to traditional threaded floss, try substitute interdental cleaning utensils such as water flossers. A water flosser is a highly effective automated tool that sprays a beam of water directly at your teeth to clean them. It is effective for removing debris and bacteria between teeth just as traditional floss would. Water flossers are recommended for older individuals as well as individuals who struggle with or are hindered by traditional threaded floss. If any issues arise while using threaded floss, consider switching to a water flosser.

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