Many patients do not realize that their oral health can impact their general health, for better or for worse. Dr. Richard J. Koeltl and our team place a great amount of emphasis on the mouth-body connection to help our patients improve their overall wellbeing and enjoy greater health in the long run.

The mouth is connected to the body through many biological channels, which means that when the mouth is threatened by infection or disease, the rest of the body can experience these effects as well. In particular, periodontal disease is a dental infection that can increase your risk of heart disease, respiratory disease, and pregnancy complications. It can also exacerbate medical conditions such as diabetes.

To help our patients improve their overall health and lessen their risk of future medical problems, we offer conservative and high-quality dental care. Our dental work is comprised of non-toxic, health-friendly materials. We also maintain strict sterilization standards to prevent infection and cross contamination. Regular dental checkups allow our dentist to address developing dental issues before they can threaten your oral and general health.

We encourage you to contact RK Dentistry at 925-736-4201 if you have questions about the mouth-body connection in Danville, California. Please feel free to make an appointment with Dr. Richard J. Koeltl for your next dental checkup.