Are You at Higher Risk for Oral Cancer?

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At RK Dentistry, we provide oral cancer screening for our patients in Danville, California, as part of your routine dental exam. We provide this service because detecting mouth cancers and lesions which are precancerous have the highest success rate when it comes to treatment. We check for cancers in the following areas:

  • Lips, tongue, and cheek.
  • The hard and soft palate in the mouth.
  • The floor of the mouth.
  • The throat.
  • The sinuses.

If your experienced dentist, Dr. Richard J. Koeltl, finds signs of oral cancer, there are two options that may be pursued. First, he may schedule out a follow-up visit to see if the abnormality is still active and check for signs of change since the initial discovery. Next, a biopsy may be performed and a cell sample sent to a laboratory to be evaluated.

Are you at high risk for oral cancer? If so, then you will more than likely benefit from our oral cancer screening if we catch something in the early stages. Factors that place you at higher risk include habitual tobacco use (smoking or chewing), habitually drinking high levels of alcohol, having had a diagnosis of cancer in the past, and if you have had repeated heavy sun exposure or sunburns, you are at higher risk for lip cancer.

To find out more about our oral cancer screening, or to schedule a screening with our Dr. Koeltl, please call 925-736-4201 today.