Adapting Your Smile to Dental Veneers

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If the appearance of chipped, stained or widely spaced teeth are preventing you from flashing a smile, we invite you to receive porcelain dental veneers. We review the placement process of dental veneers and the care they need to provide you with a beautiful smile.

To begin the process of dental veneer placement, we remove some tooth enamel from clean, healthy teeth that are receiving dental veneers, and then send an impression of your smile to a dental lab to custom craft and shade the permanent dental veneers to match the aesthetic appearance of your natural teeth. While the permanent veneers are in process, temporary dental veneers may be placed over your teeth. Then, our dentist or team will lightly etch the tooth surface and apply a powerful dental cement to bond the veneers to your smile.

Dental veneers that are well cared for often last fifteen years. Veneers should be cleaned every day as if they are real teeth, with proper brushing and flossing, as well as receive dental cleanings and exams. It’s important to avoid any dark foods and drinks and harmful dental habits such as biting your nails. These can affect the appearance and durability of your dental veneers.

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